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After searching for information about my Family Name, I thought I would publish some of the findings for others who may also be seeking information about the Helyar's.

15 December, 2006

The Helyar Ownership of Coker Court

The Helyars Owned Coker Court and had Lordship over East Coker from 1616 to 1914

George's Cary son William Cary sold the manor of East Coker in 1620 to William Helyar, archdeacon of Barnstaple, to be settled on the marriage of Christian or Christine, William Cary's eldest daughter, to Henry, son of William Helyar. Henry (d. 1634) was followed by his son William (d. 1697), his grandson William (d. 1742), and his great grandson William Helyar (d. 1784). In 1812 William Helyar (d. 1820), son of the last, gave the manor to his son William (d. 1841) and he was followed in the direct male line by William (d. 1880) and Horace (d. 1893). (fn. 94) Horace was succeeded by his daughter Dorothy who married Godfrey Walker Heneage. In 1914 the estate was put up for sale but lordship was not included.

Information From: 'North Cheriton', A History of the County of Somerset: Volume 7: Bruton, Horethorne and Norton Ferris Hundreds (1999), pp. 93-101. URL: Date accessed: 13 December 2006.

Colonel William Helyar

Colonel William Helyar is one of the most Documented Helyar's of old. He was the Grandson of Archdeacon Helyar. His Father was Henry Helyar and Mother was Christine Cary. He was born somewhere around 1637. His brother was the adventurer and planter Cary Helyar.

Colonel William Helyar was the 2nd Helyar to have Lordship over East Coker, including Coker Court. In the Civil War William Helyar raised a body of horse for King Charles I., at his own expense; he had suffered and served as colonel in Charles I's defeated army, he received titles befitting broad acres as well as tested loyalty and was afterwards obliged to compound for his lands by a fine of £1,522. (This is documented in the House of Commons journals that can be seen online @, and other sources include the The National Gazetteer of Great Britain and Ireland (1868))

He was also the employer of William Dampier for a time, there is a letter from William Dampier to Colonel William Helyar kept in the Somerset Records Office and copy on this letter can be found at There is some information about Colonel William Helyar in the book "Pirate of Exquisite Mind" The life of William Dampier, Explorer, Naturalist,buccaneerr - Diana Preston (Penguin Publications) ISBN 9780670004436.

William was also said to be one of the first English men with Dampier to walk on Australia. There are some Helyar's in Perth Australia that are thought to be as a result from William's visit to the country.

Colonel William Helyar was also the one of the first Englishman to start a sugar plantation in Jamaica, which he sent his brother Cary Helyar to run for him. It is documented that he was "Exceedingly rare in kind," which said a lot in these days that slaves where used as traded commodities.

Is this thought that William's Naval resources came through family connections of his mothers family the Cary's who were merchants in Bristol. It is thought that these family ties "increased the pull of commerce"in the south west.

The Almshouses, East Coker

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William and Horace Helyar Grave Stone

This was taken in East Coker of the grave of William and Horace Helyar the last Helyar's who owned Coker Court. It is the biggest grave in the whole of the village.
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Helyar Coat of Arms

This photo was taken on a grave stone in East Coker, Somerset. On the Grave of William and Horace Helyar the last two Helyar Son's who inhabited Coker Court.
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